Sunday, January 24

2 Saskatoon drivers have vehicles impounded for excessive speeding – Saskatoon

Saskatoon police continue to deal with excessive speeders in the city.

Police say they impounded the vehicles of two more drivers Thursday after radar showed they were going well over 50 km/h above the speed limit.

Learner without supervising driver clocked 70 km/h over speed limit in Saskatoon

The first driver was clocked late in the afternoon going 117 km/h in a 60 km/h zone on Claypool Drive.

The 22-year-old man was given a $988 ticket.

The second driver was caught in the evening, doing 168 km/h while heading downtown on Circle Drive. The speed limit is 90 km/h.

The driver was handed a $1,125 ticket.

“These speeds are pure insanity; we will keep targeting those who choose to put others at risk,” the Saskatoon police traffic unit said in a tweet.

Earlier in the week, a learner driver was caught going 70 km/h over the speed limit on 22nd Street.

On July 29, a man with an infant in the back seat was caught doing double the speed limit on Broadway Bridge.

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