Tuesday, May 11

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You may not have heard of New Relic, but you’ve probably heard of one of the software analytics company’s newest clients: Fortnite maker Epic Games.

New Relic, a cloud-based operator that helps companies monitor their websites and apps in real time, does just that for Fortnite, the company’s founder and CEO, Lew Cirne, told Cramer in a Wednesday interview.

“If that game’s not working, millions of people know about it and the company is affected,” the CEO said. “So they rely on New Relic’s platform to see everything in real time, how that game is performing. It’s a very complex piece of software that has to work flawlessly in real time, and we measure everything going on in that game so that the builders of Fortnite [can] keep it running for millions of people, 24/7.”

For more on New Relic’s business and latest client additions — which include CNBC — click here to watch Cirne’s full interview.

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