Tuesday, April 20

Facebook’s quarter doesn’t inspire much confidence

As the leader of a mass manufacturer of key electrical components, Kemet Corp. CEO Per-Olof Loof has his finger on the pulse of a host of important industries, he told Cramer in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

“Kemet may not be a household name, but we are pretty much in every household,” he said on “Mad Money.” “We cover the automotive sector, we cover the military, the medical, industrial, telecommunications, and whenever there is voltage, you need some of our things to support the semiconductors on the board.”

As such, Loof’s company is entangled in the growing space that is the internet of things — a Wall Street catchphrase for the booming pseudo-environment of connected devices.

Within that space, “I think what we’re seeing is a trend and not a bubble,” Loof told Cramer. “Yes, there’s cyclical things that may happen in the marketplace and of course we will be affected by that as well, but I think, actually, we are just in the beginning of the digitization of society and companies like us and others will benefit from that for a long time to come.”

Click here to watch his full interview.

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