Tuesday, March 2

Here are some of the stocks that could benefit from Trump’s Mueller win

One of Trump’s long-held goals that has been pushed aside is his trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. Although the plan is somewhat supported on both sides of the political aisle, the parties diverge on how to fund the pricey investment.

However, infrastructure is still on Trump’s mind. The President said just last week that he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are still talking about an elusive infrastructure deal.

Strategas has an infrastructure basket consisting of about 20 companies in traditional highway infrastructure that could benefit from any deal. The portfolio was created in 2008 to play President Obama’s stimulus in 2009 and the constituents have gained with the passage of highway bills over the years, according to Strategas.

The member stocks include pipeline services company Aegion Corporation, general contractor Granite Construction, engineering company KBR and building material company Simpson Manufacturing.

However, a large bipartisan infrastructure bill is unlikely if Trump uses the Mueller outcome against the Democrats, and they in turn keep their intense investigations of the president.

“Is it time for infrastructure? Democrats and the administration are very far apart,” James Pethokoukis, economic analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, said on CNBC’s Squawk box on Monday. “I highly doubt we are going to see anything like that. Maybe if this was like the beginning of last year. Now that we are deep into the election season, I don’t think so.”

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