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How to select a Retirement Savings Plan that suits your requirements


10 Jan, 2020

Retirement A-1

Before choosing any investment, you should keep your financial goal in mind and then decide where to invest your money. Investors who are grappling with the thoughts of where to invest in building a wealthy retirement corpus can consider investing in mutual funds. Mutual fund investments can be one of the effective ways to diversify an investor’s portfolio. What mutual funds do is that they collect money from investors and invest this pool of money in equity, debt securities, government bonds, and money market instruments depending on the type of scheme. They can be an ideal way for investors to balance their overall portfolio’s risk factors. Because they invest in various types of assets, mutual funds have the tendency to balance risk.

Retirement schemes offered by mutual funds can increase your chances of building a wealthy corpus. Also, holding onto to your investments for the long term makes them averse to market volatility. Hence, risk-averse investors with minimal knowledge about the Indian stock market can consider investing in mutual funds.

In case you have decided to invest in mutual funds for building retirement corpus, then you can consider investing with Axis Retirement Savings Fund. This retirement scheme by Axis Mutual Fund is a solution-oriented open-ended product aimed at building wealth for the investors’ sunset years. There are three different plans rolled out by Axis Mutual Fund for different types of investors, viz. Dynamic Plan, Aggressive Plan, and Conservative Plan.

Are you confused about which plan to choose among the three? Here is the asset allocation breakdown by percentage of each of these plans that can help you make the right decision-

Axis Retirement Savings Fund – Aggressive Plan: – This plan can be suitable for those investors who have a long term horizon and are expecting capital appreciation from their investments. In this plan, investments are predominantly made in equity and equity-related instruments as well as debt, money market instruments, Gold ETF’s and units of REITs and InvIT’s. Investors considering investing in the Aggressive Plan can expect equity exposure anywhere from 65% to 80%. If you are under 35 years of age, you can consider investing in Axis Retirement Savings Fund – Aggressive Plan.

Axis Retirement Savings Fund – Dynamic Plan: – This plan primarily invest in equity and equity-related instruments and also invest in debt, money market instruments, Gold ETF’s and units of REITs and InvIT’s. The Axis Retirement Savings Fund- Dynamic Plan can help investors manage risk through its active asset allocation strategy. The net assets have an equity exposure of 65% to 100%. The purpose of having a Dynamic Plan is for investors to fetch long term returns while attempting to manage risk. This plan can be considered by investors falling in the age group of 35-50 years.

Axis Retirement Savings Fund – Conservative Plan: – Here, the net assets will be primarily invested in debt and money market instruments. Axis Retirement Savings Fund- Conservative Plan will have exposure to debt and money market instruments between 40% to 80%, and equity, exposure is anticipated to be anywhere from 20% to 40%. The fund may allocate assets to Gold ETF’s and units of REIT’s & InvIT’s. The investment plan will retain its elasticity to invest across all the debt and money market instruments of various maturities. This investment plan can be considered by investors who are about to enter their retirement age.

Axis Retirement Savings Fund can help investors build a retirement corpus. Invest now in order to secure your life after retirement.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by Axis Mutual Fund

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