Friday, May 14

Management matters – just look at GE

In Cramer’s lightning round, the “Mad Money” host flew through his ideas on viewers’ favorite companies:

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc.: “No, not a takeover candidate. No, not without the approval because … [if] it doesn’t get the approval it’s supposed to have then I tell you this one goes much lower. You wanna do it on approvals and—[CEO Richard] Glickman’s good, I’d like to have him on the show but I am not going to endorse it until I know more.”

Centene Corp.: “Listen, that group has been real weak all of a sudden. That whole group has been—there’s an introduction of a bill that I think that will not pass about universal Medicare. It’s driving all these stocks down and I think Centene’s going down with it. It’s a very inexpensive stock here and we have total faith in [CEO] Michael Neidorff and I say—not tomorrow because there’ll be downgrades ’cause everybody’s nervous, but on Friday” buy.

Waste Management Inc.: You know, when Mr. [David] Steiner was running that company I said, ‘I don’t know if it can get better.’ Now Mr. [James] Fish is running it and the answer is, ‘it’s just keeps getting better’ and for your daughter’s IRA, I want you to stay long even though it just cracked par, which is … Wall Street gibberish for $100. Stay long, or own Waste Management.”

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