Tuesday, July 27

Netflix will double subscribers in 10 years to 335 million

Netflix is only getting started in its quest to conquer the globe, if the stock market’s expectations are to be believed.

Credit Suisse, in a note to investors on Wednesday titled “What the Market is Implying for Subscribers,” outlined why Netflix is expected to more than double its subscriber growth in the next decade.

“The market is embedding 8 percent long-term sales growth,” Credit Suisse said, citing a proprietary methodology which seeks to calculate the futures fundamentals of a company that its shares’ current valuation implies.

“The market is embedding that NFLX will achieve 335 million subscribers by 2028,” the note states.

Netflix currently has just over 148 million subscribers. Its shares are up more than 6,000 percent the last 10 years and 33 percent this year alone.

The market is also implying that Neflix will capture 42 percent of all global broadband households, excluding China, the firm calculates.

Credit Suisse analysts are as bullish, if not more so, than the market’s expectations. They predict Netflix will reach 264 million subscribers and 40 percent global penetration in 2022.

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