Wednesday, April 21

These are the market’s riskiest sectors

CNBC’s Jim Cramer took the time on Thursday to explain why he will not recommend investors to buy any cannabis or Chinese company stocks—outside of a handful of names.

The “Mad Money” host gave a number of reasons why he thinks there are a lot of risks to consider in both markets.

In the cannabis group, Cramer said he likes Canopy, Cronos, and GW Pharma, whose CEO he interviewed on Wednesday.

Out of the Chinese market, Cramer recommends buying Alibaba, a company he likened to Amazon. In addition to China’s biggest ecommerce business, he likes Baidu and Nio if the stocks pullback. He did warn viewers, however, that he has not done his homework on the latter company, the connected electric vehicle manufacturer that has gained more than 50 percent this year.

“These are the two riskiest areas of the market, people. They remind me of crypto at all times and I don’t want to hurt you,” Cramer said. “At least when these best of breed names that I just mentioned go down, I can tell you to buy more because they’re worth picking up into weakness.”

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