Wednesday, June 16

WARMINGTON: Our summer of murder

Just call it what it is: The summer of murder!

A quick look at police crime statistics, comparing the end of August 2017 compared to the last of this month,  reveals a startling reality.

By this time last year Toronto had 35 homicides. This year, Toronto has endured 70 homicides.


Guns are part of it but there are other methods of murder which have increased as well.

The bottom line is it can get deadly on the streets in a hurry — and not just for the gangsters and high risk players, but also for those innocent people going bowling, out for a walk, or sitting in a car.

We’ve seen killers’ bullets and blades can take out people inside restaurants, nightclubs, condos, on the streets and outside shopping malls.  In parking lots and playground, too.

Guns, knives, blunt objects — murderers don’t care.

The 70 homicides in 2018 only tell part of the story. As bad as 70 sounds — even before the eighth month of 2018 is over —  there’s another number that is even more shocking.

Guess how many homicides there have been from August 2017 to the end of this month: 105 killings.

The city blew by the 100 mark last week without anybody even noticing.

Of Toronto’s 105 homicides in the past 12 months,  42 remain unsolved.

It’s disturbing to say the least.

Who knows how many could have been killed Thursday when someone opened fire inside Yorkdale Mall? It’s not like the shooter cared.

Some of the guns seized in Project Patton which targeted a street gang. (Toronto Police photo)

There are countless other victims of gun crimes, stabbings and other violence who could have died if not for the heroics of paramedics, fire fighters, police officers, security officers and Good Samaritans.

Meanwhile, politicians are trying different things to remedy this but one could argue that it was their decision-making that got us here.

The Toronto Police transformational task force may sound like a feel good move to satisfy the so-called progressives but, in truth, it’s just decreased the service’s deployment strength which has meant many times there are not enough squad cars on the road to answer many calls.

The cancellation of the TAVIS program was a disaster, as was the elimination of carding. The bad guys now are openly walking with the guns and use them at will.

They are in charge and they can strike at anywhere or anytime.

No matter how strongly the activists shout at people putting the spotlight on these numbers, there will come a point when people tell them to shut up.

They are enabling this. They are fostering it. It’s not a matter of when is it going to get out of control. It is out of control and was long ago.

When you have double the amount of murders over the same time last year, no one is going to listen to the people who have a lot to say, but have gotten it wrong all along.

Despite previous errors and bowing to the altar of political correctness, the good news is there are new measures coming into place, including more money to put officers on the street and a robust effort to end catch-and-release bail programs.

Hopefully, the impact of these initiatives will be felt soon. If not, in addition to there being more than 100 murders in the last 12 months, the year 2018 will end up with 100, too.

It will then become the Year of Murder.

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